At Carer Support, we understand that being a carer can be challenging.

Statistics show that the nature of your caring role means you are more at risk of feeling isolated or depressed, or of experiencing injury or chronic illness yourself. This is usually because the needs of the person you care for are prioritised, and consequently your own needs may take a back seat.

We believe that it’s vitally important for carers to prioritise their own health and wellbeing. Not only does this benefit you, but it will also help the person you care for in the long run. We do understand that this is sometimes easier said than done; responding to those who need you, as well as juggling work and family life, can mean there isn’t much time for you.

That’s where Carer Support can assist. For carers living in the south and east metro regions of Adelaide, we can provide respite, events, support groups, and information sessions – and our Support team are always available for a chat, whether you’d like to give us a call or drop in for a cuppa.

Emergency Respite

Emergency respite can be arranged in the event of an unforeseen carer emergency. For example: if a carer experiences a medical emergency, illness, or family crisis, we are able to provide in home respite to assist with a short term need. We can also provide time for alternative arrangements to be made by family in instances where longer term respite is needed. For emergency respite during office hours, call one of our centres, or FREECALL 1800 052 222 for out of hours assistance.

Short Term Respite

Examples of short term respite include in home respite, such as check visits to allow a carer to take a short trip away. Also, we are sometimes able to provide gap filling services where a carer is waiting for services to start with another agency that will be providing ongoing support (conditions apply).

Occasional Respite

Occasional respite enables carers to have a break on an occasional basis. Examples include going out socially, attending a special event, medical appointment or family engagement, or just to have some time out from their caring role.

If the carer usually provides their care recipient with transport to appointments, and can’t do this on a particular occasion, it may be possible to arrange transport assistance.

Respite can also be obtained to attend some Carer Support events or groups.


It’s important to have a little fun sometimes! It helps to keep some balance and perspective. Read more about events here.


It can really help to share your experiences with others in similar situations – or just to get together for a laugh. Read more about our groups here.

Information Sessions

Our calendar of events will often include educational courses and lunches for carers. We hope that these will provide you with valuable strategies to assist you in navigating your caring role. View our upcoming events here.

Someone to Talk To

Our Support Team are available to speak with you about your caring role. Give us a call or drop in to your local centre.

In addition to the above services, we also run a number of programs providing support tailored to more specific caring situations.

Aboriginal Support Program

Our Aboriginal Support Program supports carers living in the south and east metro regions of Adelaide who are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origins with recreational and educational opportunities to assist them in their caring role. It includes groups where carers can meet for lunch and a social outing, as well as catch up with our Aboriginal support workers.

For more information about this program, please contact Wendy Casey or Daphne Rickett on (08) 8329 5888.

> Access our ‘Caring in the Aboriginal Community’ learning package.

Adult Carer Program

Carer Support provides a network of local groups, activities and well-being courses for adult carers living in the south and east metro regions of Adelaide – visit our events page to find a group that appeals to you.

Male Carer Program

The Male Carer Program supports men in a caring role, who are living in the south and east metro regions of Adelaide, by providing recreational and educational opportunities. The program offers dedicated male carer groups, events, and retreats, where male carers are able to have respite from their caring role in a relaxed environment and in the company of other male carers.

For more information about this program, contact Daniel Victory on (08) 8379 5777.

Multicultural Program

Cultural Connection and Tempo Mio are support groups that assist carers who come from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and live in the south and east metro regions of Adelaide. These groups offer carers the chance to connect with others in a social setting, and welcome you to bring along the person you care for. Morning tea is provided!

For more information about Cultural Connection, please contact Susan Rennison on (08) 8206 0777. For more information about Tempo Mio (for Italian carers), please contact Daniel Victory on (08) 8379 5777.

Parent Carer Program

The Parent Carer Program supports those who care for a child of any age. We currently have four dedicated support groups for parents offering a range of activities, information and peer support. Groups and events are held during the day and also out of hours for parents who prefer to meet in the evening.

Raw Energy Program

Raw Energy supports young carers aged 5-17 living in the south and east metro regions of Adelaide with recreational and educational opportunities to support them with their caring role.

Young carers provide a significant level of care to a family member who has a chronic illness, disability or long-term mental illness. They often undertake many responsibilities, such as cooking, cleaning, looking after brothers and sisters, providing emotional support to family members, shopping, managing finances, and assisting with medication or personal care.

While caring for someone can be a great experience, it can also be tough at times. Raw Energy provides young carers with support to manage the pressures and responsibilities of their caring role; it offers young carers the opportunity to have fun, make new friends, learn new skills and meet other carers.

For more information about this program, please contact the Raw Energy team on (08) 8379 5888.

Working Carers

Trying to juggle your work schedule with the needs of the person you care for can be extremely difficult, and we want to be a source of support to carers in that situation. Employed carers can find themselves struggling with practical considerations, like when medical and professional appointments clash, or an unexpected carer emergency arises. Carers also need time out for themselves outside of work hours, which can be difficult if there is no one to take on caring duties.

Carers in employment can access our emergency, occasional and short term respite to help them through these times – you don’t have to struggle on alone.

We also encourage you to take advantage, where possible, of the events that fit in around your working and caring duties and we have some specific activities for working carers. Don’t forget we can provide respite to help you to attend.

If you are a working carer living in the south or east metro regions of Adelaide, please get in touch with your local centre.

Young Adult Carer Program

The Young Adult Carer (YAC) Program supports young people aged 18-25 living in south and east metro Adelaide, who are in a caring role. This program aims to provide recreational and educational opportunities to support these carers in their caring role. In the past, the YAC program has been able to provide regular coffee groups, job skills workshops and go-karting.

If you would like to know more about this program, please contact the Raw Energy team on (08) 8379 5888.

NDIS Transition Assistance

NDIS Transition Assistance – Group Info Sessions & One-to-One Support

Carer Support’s Transition Team can support people transitioning into the NDIS by providing free assistance to carers and their care recipients in south and east metro Adelaide areas.

Carer Support is offering free group information sessions, advice and support to help families understand and prepare for their NDIS entry, as well as free one-to-one support for carers of potential NDIS participants (under 65 years of age).

NDIS Transition Information Sessions are free for all interested families. During these sessions, we cover the changes from block funding to individual participant funding, eligibility and evidence requirements and how to best prepare for the NDIS planning meeting.

For further information or to book into an information session, register your interest or call the Glandore Centre 8379 5777.