An NDIS plan or self-managed package provides greater flexibility and choice for individuals and their families, which can also lead to a greater sense of empowerment. But the task of managing a plan can feel overwhelming at first and not everyone has the time or confidence to start the process on their own.

Life, Your Way can help.

Life, Your Way, Carer Support’s program of consumer directed services, covers plan management and coordination of supports. These services may be funded within your NDIS plan and can be specifically requested at your planning meeting, if you feel they will be beneficial to you and your family.

We have a team of individuals with years of experience who can take care of the time-consuming financial, administrative and coordination responsibilities to help guide you towards managing your plan more independently.

We can help you find service providers, keep track of your budget, and pay your invoices.

As a registered provider with the NDIA, we are approved to deliver Plan Management and Support Coordination services.

Plan Management (Financial Management)

If your plan has been set up to be plan-managed, you have the flexibility to choose any provider. You can also use your allocated funding to appoint a Plan Manager (such as Life, Your Way) to pay your provider bills on your behalf. Agency-managed or self-managed plans do not allow for the appointment of a Plan Manager.

As your nominated Plan Manager, we will:

  • Set up the financial management of your plan i.e. contact providers, administer a service budget spreadsheet, and assist you to allocate the funding.
  • Claim money on your behalf from the NDIA to pay providers.
  • Pay the providers’ invoices for all the plan-managed services in your plan.
  • Provide monthly statements on how your funds are being used and how much money is left in your plan.
  • Notify you if funds are not being accessed or if they are getting close to running out.
  • Work directly with providers to resolve any invoicing issues.

Support Coordination

There are three levels of support coordination that can be funded through an NDIS plan – Support Connection, Support Coordination, and Specialist Support Coordination.

Life, Your Way offers all three levels of support to coordinate your NDIS services and, depending on the level of support coordination outlined in your plan, the types of services we offer include:

  • Working with you to find the characteristics of the most appropriate support workers to deliver the services in your plan.
  • Developing service agreements with providers.
  • Assisting you to source equipment, incontinence aids, and other approved services in your plan.
  • Assisting you to develop the capacity to confidently manage the plan over time.
  • Providing training in budgetary management for individuals, nominated carers, and families, so that you can build the confidence to manage the budget on your own when you’re ready.

Whether you require both plan management and coordination of supports, or just one of these services, we will be happy to accommodate your needs.

Fees & Funding

We charge the scheduled fees for NDIS participants – we won’t surprise you with any extra fees or hidden charges. To access our services under the NDIS, they will need to be specified in your plan as they will be charged through your funding package.

If you are not an NDIS participant, but you have a package that you would like assistance with managing, please contact us for an explanation of the fee structure.

If you are unsure whether you are able to access the NDIS, refer to the NDIS Access Checklist or phone 1800 800 110 to discuss with an NDIS staff member.

Get in Touch

Contact the Life, Your Way team on (08) 8379 5777 to discuss your needs in more detail. We can take you through our services as well as the fees and funding aspects of the program.

Carer Support’s Transition Team can support people transitioning into the NDIS by providing free assistance to carers and their care recipients in south and east metro Adelaide areas.

Carer Support is offering free group information sessions, advice and support to help families understand and prepare for their NDIS entry, as well as one-to-one support for carers of potential NDIS participants (under 65 years of age).

NDIS Transition Information Sessions are free for all interested families. During these sessions, we cover the changes from block funding to individual participant funding, eligibility and evidence requirements and how to best prepare for the NDIS planning meeting.

For further information or to book into an information session, register your interest or call the Glandore Centre 8379 5777.

Life, Your Way, Carer Support’s program of consumer directed services, covers plan management and coordination of supports.

We can take care of the time-consuming financial, administrative and coordination responsibilities to either ease the pressure on you or help guide you towards managing your plan more independently.

We can help you find service providers, keep track of your budget, and pay your invoices.

To provide you with the services outlined on this page, they will need to be included in your plan. If you’re unsure how to do this, we can guide you through the process.