You’re not alone.

If you have been struggling with feelings of isolation or depression, or feel that you are too busy to see a doctor for yourself, statistics tell us you’re not the only one. About 2.6 million Australians (approximately one in eight) are carers and statistics reveal some common lifestyle themes.

You’re not alone – it can be hard to appreciate this when you are absorbed in the demands of your caring role, but understanding it can be crucial to improving wellbeing within yourself.

Perhaps you have struggled with some of these issues?

35% of carers report that they lose touch with their circle of friends. Many spend most of their time alone with the person they care for and grieve the loss of former friendship circles. Spontaneity can be difficult too, as an outing can take considerable planning and friends often don’t understand. The inability to share feelings with others who understand can increase feelings of isolation.

Around 30% of carers struggle with depression. Reasons vary from the mundanity of daily tasks, to the sadness of watching a friend or family member suffer, or an overwhelming responsibility that feels unending.

In 2003, 48% of carers were caring for 40 hours or more a week, and 34% said they were often weary and lacking in energy.

Injury or illness
44% of carers have a disability of their own and many suffer injuries or illnesses which have been left unchecked. Carers have a much higher rate of chronic injury than the general public – usually because they prioritise the health of others before themselves.

Family breakdown
Many carers experience divorce or major relationship breakdown and 34% report that their relationships are strained or that they lack time together. The stress of caring responsibilities can make it really hard for couples to maintain their relationship.

We want to help

Our services are designed to support carers in a multitude of ways. We want you to tell us about your personal circumstances so that we can provide relevant assistance that improves the quality of your life. Whether your needs are practical or relational, Carer Support has more than 25 years’ experience in providing services to carers that make a difference to their everyday living.


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Statistics gathered from ‘Australian Bureau of Statistics, A Profile of Carers in Australia, December 2008