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Free learning package helps bridge the gap between community agencies and Aboriginal carers

An exciting new learning package is now available to community agencies in South Australia who work with Aboriginal carers. It has been developed by Carer Support and the State Government of South Australia with the aim of educating community agencies and support workers about the various roles of, and issues faced by, Aboriginal family members who are unpaid carers for relatives or friends with mental illness, disability, complex health issues or issues related to ageing.

Social and historical factors, such as the pressure on Aboriginal people to assimilate into Western culture, a lack of understanding of Aboriginal culture and the prevalence of racism, among others, has led to a deep and ingrained distrust between the Aboriginal community and mainstream service providers. This has affected the way that services are accessed by Aboriginal carers and how services are delivered to the Aboriginal community.

This learning package seeks to address the divide by providing a deeper appreciation of cultural differences and the unique challenges faced by Aboriginal carers. It also outlines useful and practical approaches which can be taken by agencies and support workers to build the trust and confidence of carers in the Aboriginal community.

The learning package enables agencies to deliver the training independently to their support work staff. The end goals of the learning package are to increase the confidence of staff in their ability to work effectively with Aboriginal carers, and thereby improve the quality of services which enhance the well-being of Aboriginal carers.

The learning package consists of an interactive presentation featuring carer interviews, learning guide and discussion sheet which are all available to download free of charge from the Carer Support website.

> Click here to access and download all of the associated Learning Package materials.

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Launch of Carer Gateway Facebook page

The Hon Jane Prentice MP, Assistant Minister for Social Services and Disability Services, recently released a media statement encouraging carers to connect to services through Carer Gateway.

As part of this announcement, Mrs Prentice also noted the recently launched Carer Gateway Facebook page.

The Carer Gateway Facebook page is designed to provide information that is useful to carers, including the supports and services available to assist them in their caring role.

Please share this page with family and friends and help to raise awareness of this useful resource by:

  • Liking the page; and
  • Sharing posts that may be relevant or of interest to you and your family and friends.

Join the Carer Gateway community today!

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