Carer Support Network SA and Carer Support respond to ICSS Discussion Paper

As part of the ongoing consultation process with the sector on the ICSS implementation, the Carer Support Network SA together with Carer Support have responded to the consultation paper Integrated Carer Support Service: Regional Delivery Partners: A draft regional delivery model which was released by the Department of Social Services in April this year.

The two documents (links below) include responses from the Carer Support Network SA as a whole, as well as a supporting response from Carer Support individually on the proposed options for the regional delivery model for the ICSS.

We encourage you to read our responses and if you have any questions regarding the response papers, please email with your questions or feedback.

   Carer Support Network SA Response on ICSS Regional Delivery Partners Discussion Paper May 2018

   Carer Support Respite Centre Inc Response ICCS consultation paper