Carers’ Rights:

  • Carers of all ages have a right to recognition as partners in their relationship with Carer Support, and are valued as individuals with their own needs.
  • Carers’ views are respected and form part of the decision-making process with regard to their own and their care recipients needs and services.
  • They have a right to express their opinions with regard to service planning and evaluation.
  • They have a right to affordable and accessible services and can register themselves at Carer Support without the need for a referral from a medical or other specialist.
  • Carers also have a right to access appropriate advocacy to assist them in negotiating services with Carer Support.

Carers’ Responsibilities:

  • To respect the views of staff as they relate to each carer’s situation.
  • To work with staff as partners, collaborating to achieve the agreed service outcomes.
  • To clearly explain their needs.
  • To provide feedback to staff in a constructive way that helps mutual understanding.
  • To respect other carers’ right to privacy.


  • Carers’ views are sought in the planning, delivery and review of services.
  • Carer Support provides information about and access to a wide range of responsive affordable services.
  • Staff understand and address the particular requirements of CaLD and Aboriginal carers, to ensure appropriate services are delivered.
  • Carer Support respects each carer’s right to privacy and confidentiality.
  • Service fees will be waived if charging a fee would prevent a carer accessing that service.
  • Our complaints process will be explained to carers and will be presented in the Sharing Sheet newsletter at regular intervals. Information on advocacy and mediation services will be provided to all carers.