“Caring in the Aboriginal Community” Awareness Training Package

We are excited to share the details of the “Caring in the Aboriginal Community” learning package which was developed by the Aboriginal Support team (Daphne Rickett, Wendy Casey and Claudine Buckskin (past employee)) under the guidance of Regional Manager Margaret Potts and Executive Manager Mandy Toczek McPeake with the expert help of Colourblind Films.

This project was funded by a Department for Communities and Social Inclusion (SA) grant. The aim of the project was to develop a training package for use by urban and rural community agencies in training their staff to understand the role of the Aboriginal family member who is an unpaid carer for relatives or friends.

Carers and other members of the Aboriginal community kindly agreed to participate in the filming and development of the package. We are sincerely grateful in particular to the carers who were filmed and for their openness and willingness to share their experiences, thoughts and ideas, which can be difficult to express, and at times a challenge to accept for those without Aboriginal heritage.

The project has provided the Carer Support Aboriginal Support team an opportunity to develop something which fills a gap in people’s knowledge and understanding. During the development of the package we (Carer Support staff) learned so much about the Aboriginal experience, as well as their needs and expectations.

The team was thrilled to present the package at the 7th International Carers Conference which was held in Adelaide in October.

You can view the package on our website and on the website.