Consultation on Regional Delivery Partners – Integrated Carer Support Service

Carer Support has just received the following news from the Federal Government regarding consultation on Regional Delivery Partners for the Integrated Carer Support Service:

On 5 March 2018, the Australian Government announced additional funding of $85.6 million over four years for the introduction of new services for carers. The new services from part of the Integrated Carer Support Service (ICSS).

Pivotal to the success of the ICSS is the establishment of Regional Delivery Partners (RDPs) in September 2019. RDPs are a critical component for regional delivery of the ICSS, and they will predominately be the first point of contact, and primary source of information and assistance, for carers.

As part of the ongoing consultation process with the sector during the ICSS implementation, the Department of Social Services (the Department) is conducting an online consultation to seek feedback, particularly from service providers delivering carer services, on proposed options for the regional delivery model for the ICSS.

In developing the proposed options the Department conducted detailed service analysis and mapping work focussing on carer population and location, data on current carer and mainstream services, and consideration of service regions currently utilised.

The Integrated Carer Support Service: Regional Delivery Partners: A draft regional delivery model discussion paper is available on the Department’s DSS Engage website at:

The consultation period will be open for submissions in response to the discussion paper, from 9 April and will close on 11 May 2018.

Further information on the ICSS is available at

If you have any enquires regarding the consultation please email


Carer Support, as a member of the Carer Support Network SA, will be reviewing and responding to the consultation paper. We will evaluate the (two) options presented for Regional Delivery Partners in SA and provide feedback to the Department of Social Services in Canberra regarding the option we believe will provide the best possible outcomes for carers across the state.

Our CEO, Peter Sparrow, welcomes any comments or questions regarding the proposed new model.