It’s important for carers to get a break as it helps them to continue to care.

Carers from the south and east metropolitan areas of Adelaide can take advantage of Carer Support’s many events, groups and courses. We hope that they provide respite, education, enjoyment, and a social outlet for you.

Our events are low cost because we are funded by the government to provide services to you. We want you to come to our events, so if the cost prevents you, please contact the Support Team on (08) 8379 5777 and let us know if it is a problem.

Remember as well that we can often arrange respite for the person you care for, to help you attend.

Check out our upcoming events in our most recent Sharing Sheet. New carers are always welcome!


More information?

To book for any Carer Support event or education session, or to lodge an Expression of Interest, please get in touch with your local centre.

Carer Support provides various services designed to make it easier for carers to care. We listen to your personal situation and tailor appropriate services to your needs. However, the provision of transport to help carers attend activities and events organised by Carer Support has been an issue for some time.

We know that procedures and practices for transport have varied over the years, with changes influenced by budget pressures, carer demands and other factors too numerous to list. Carer Support may be able to help you to attend events and groups in situations where you are unable to get there yourself.

Please enquire with our Support Admin team when making your booking.

For any further questions regarding payment options, payment assistance, respite, cancellations and refund policies, or to let us know about dietary requirements or mobility, please chat with our Support Admin team when making your booking.