Many carers find it useful to meet with others in a similar situation to themselves.

Sometimes it helps to talk about carer experiences; other times, just enjoying the company of others without having to explain yourself is comfort enough. Either way, we hope that one of the groups we organise here at Carer Support will meet your needs.

We have over 25 groups that cater to carers who share similar experiences, geographical locations and/or cultural backgrounds. Some meet for a serious debrief, while others meet for coffee, lunch or fun!

Further details regarding any group can be found in our latest Sharing Sheet.

Unless the group caters to carers with a particular shared circumstance, you are very welcome to attend any group activity. We welcome new carers with open arms!

Aboriginal Support Program

The Aboriginal Support Program provides support to carers who are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origins with recreational and educational opportunities to assist them in their caring roles.

Adult Carer Program

Carer Support provides a network of local groups, activities and well-being courses for adult carers.


Male Carer Program

Our Male Carer Program supports men who are in a caring role, with recreational and support groups to help them in their caring roles.

Multicultural Program

Cultural Connection is a support group that assists carers who come from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, who care for an adult or child with a disability or mental illness, or for someone who is frail aged. This program offers carers the chance to connect with others in a social setting.

Parent Carer Program

The Parent Carer Program supports those who care for a child of any age. We currently have four dedicated support groups for parents offering a range of activities, information, and peer support. Groups and events are held during the day and also out of hours for parents who prefer to meet in the evening.