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Lorraine’s Story

“I didn’t know I needed help.

My husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease after a series of mini mental tests indicated a rapidly deteriorating cognitive situation.

I have been registered with Carer Support since this sudden and unexpected situation led to our registration with My Aged Care and the overwhelming number of phone calls, meetings, information packages and sessions, assessments and a growing list of phone numbers given to me to call “for the help you will need to access”.

I received a copy of Carer Supports “Sharing Sheet” and selected the Caring Companions group. From the very beginning, I found it to be an oasis of calm and quietness in the midst of what was becoming for me a chaotic, and at times out-of-control situation. I have continued to value that quiet and calm space. I enjoy its lovely morning teas, the changing faces of the people who come each month who know exactly what I am experiencing in my now changed life and with whome I can connect because of my shared experiences with them.

I have enjoyed the practical information sessions and the hands-on activities that I have found to be so beneficial to both my husband’s care and to my own self-care. So often I am told “you must look after yourself”. Here, in this Caring Companions group, I have been given access to information and the practice of how I can meaningfully do that.

I have now become a relinquishing carer. My husband is now in permanent residential care. I continue to be welcome in the group and at the group meetings. My caring role is continuing, although in an altered form. Carer Support continues to be there for me. It has directed me to counselling services provided by Carers Australia SA. My husband is receiving the care he needs and so am I.

I didn’t know I needed help. Thank you Daniel and the team at Carer Support for your understanding and for knowing that I needed the help.”