Carer Support Network SA and Carer Support respond to ICSS Discussion Paper

As part of the ongoing consultation process with the sector on the ICSS implementation, the Carer Support Network SA together with Carer Support have responded to the consultation paper Integrated Carer Support Service: Regional Delivery Partners: A draft regional delivery model which was released by the Department of Social Services in April this year.

The two documents (links below) include responses from the Carer Support Network SA as a whole, as well as a supporting response from Carer Support individually on the proposed options for the regional delivery model for the ICSS.

We encourage you to read our responses and if you have any questions regarding the response papers, please email with your questions or feedback.

   Carer Support Network SA Response on ICSS Regional Delivery Partners Discussion Paper May 2018

   Carer Support Respite Centre Inc Response ICCS consultation paper


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Consultation on Regional Delivery Partners – Integrated Carer Support Service

Carer Support has just received the following news from the Federal Government regarding consultation on Regional Delivery Partners for the Integrated Carer Support Service:

On 5 March 2018, the Australian Government announced additional funding of $85.6 million over four years for the introduction of new services for carers. The new services from part of the Integrated Carer Support Service (ICSS).

Pivotal to the success of the ICSS is the establishment of Regional Delivery Partners (RDPs) in September 2019. RDPs are a critical component for regional delivery of the ICSS, and they will predominately be the first point of contact, and primary source of information and assistance, for carers.

As part of the ongoing consultation process with the sector during the ICSS implementation, the Department of Social Services (the Department) is conducting an online consultation to seek feedback, particularly from service providers delivering carer services, on proposed options for the regional delivery model for the ICSS.

In developing the proposed options the Department conducted detailed service analysis and mapping work focussing on carer population and location, data on current carer and mainstream services, and consideration of service regions currently utilised.

The Integrated Carer Support Service: Regional Delivery Partners: A draft regional delivery model discussion paper is available on the Department’s DSS Engage website at:

The consultation period will be open for submissions in response to the discussion paper, from 9 April and will close on 11 May 2018.

Further information on the ICSS is available at

If you have any enquires regarding the consultation please email


Carer Support, as a member of the Carer Support Network SA, will be reviewing and responding to the consultation paper. We will evaluate the (two) options presented for Regional Delivery Partners in SA and provide feedback to the Department of Social Services in Canberra regarding the option we believe will provide the best possible outcomes for carers across the state.

Our CEO, Peter Sparrow, welcomes any comments or questions regarding the proposed new model.

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Campbelltown Centre offers free massage for carers and carees

If you’ve ever experienced a relaxing massage, it’s probably easy to understand how it contributes to an improved sense of wellbeing. Many people have likely experienced some type of massage, such as relaxation or remedial, and it has been used by ancient peoples including Ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Chinese and Indians to treat a variety of ailments. If you haven’t experienced it, you can read more about the benefits of massage on the Better Health Channel website.

By special arrangement, EQUALS International students will be offering free remedial massage (by appointment) at our Carer Support Campbelltown Centre to registered carers and carees for a period of three months, starting Friday 2 March, 2018. It’s another way that we’re able to offer carers the chance for some much needed time out.

Four one-hour sessions will be available on Tuesdays and Fridays during the designated times (see below).

  • Tuesdays from 2pm-6pm (male masseuse)
  • Fridays from 9am-1pm (female masseuse)

Because this is being provided as a free service to carers and carees, it means that you’ll need to bring your own towels. So as long as you’re willing to bring a couple of towels with you and arrange your transport to the Carer Support Campbelltown Centre, then give us a buzz to enquire about availability.

To make an appointment, please call Alex at the Carer Support Campbelltown Centre on 8206 0777.

Availability is limited so please get in touch soon if you’re interested.




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Raw Energy a crowd favourite at Grill’d!

Just recently, and for the second year in a row, Raw Energy participated in Grill’d Marion’s Local Matters crowdfunding initiative. Local Matters is a community donation program run by Grill’d and every month, each of their Grill’d restaurants donates $500 back into their local community. Effectively, each customer receives a token with their food purchase and decides which cause they want to support by placing their token into a labelled jar. The winner (the community group with the most tokens in their jar) receives $300, while the other two groups each receive $100.

To celebrate the transition of some of our young carers from Raw Energy into the Young Adult Carer (YAC) program, a YAC transition dinner was held at Grill’d Marion on January 30, 2018. It also took place just two days before the January winner of Local Matters was to be announced.

During the course of the dinner, the new YACs and Raw Energy staff noticed that our jar was only half full of tokens and although they were happy to see other organisations receiving community support, they admitted to some disappointment at coming in second! This was until Nadia (Senior Young Carer Coordinator) started talking to one of the Grill’d staff members about our “net position”, who revealed that we were actually coming first and that our jar had, in fact, been emptied two times already!

Suffice to say, both Raw Energy staff and the YACs were over the moon as this meant that we were actually in first place and it was unlikely that anyone else could catch up to us with only one day to go.

Now that we’re partway into February, the result is official – Raw Energy was voted #1 in Grill’d Marion’s Local Matters for January 2018! This recognition from the wider community is both gratifying and humbling, and we’re extremely appreciative that the local community sees the value in supporting Raw Energy and, most of all, young carers.

It was also pleasing to hear from Grill’d staff that we were the first Local Matters participants to come in to the restaurant as a group and it was rewarding for them to see their initiative come to life. The Grill’d staff were so excited to meet our group that they provided complimentary burger vouchers and free chip platters!

From everyone at Raw Energy and Carer Support, we’d like to say a big, heartfelt thank you to the team at Grill’d Marion for their support of our program for young carers!

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Inviting all carers to get involved in our Carers’ Footy Tipping Comp!

We are inviting all carers to get involved in this year’s free online Carers’ Footy Tipping Competition! You could even win some great prizes!

Our footy tipping competition is free to join and open to all carers registered with Carer Support who are aged 18 years and over. The competition is run on the Footy Tips website so you can enter your tips from your computer, smart phone or tablet!

We will be giving away some great prizes throughout the season and at the end of the year!

To join the competition (if you haven’t been in the competition previously):

  1. For those who don’t already have a user profile on the Footy Tips website, you must first join here.
  2. Once you have a user profile on the Footy Tips website, you can join the Carer Support tipping competition here and enter the password “carer” to join the competition. Once you have joined the competition you will be able to use your main login (see Step 1 above) and simply select the Carer Support tipping competition option on your home screen.

For more information or help on joining the Footy Tipping Competition, please call your local Carer Support Centre.

If you plan to get involved in the competition and you’d like to receive regular email updates, please enter your details below and hit submit.

Full Name   

Your Email   

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Annual Family Picnic and Pool Day 2018

Rarely is the weather as ideal for our Annual Family Picnic and Pool Day as it was last Wednesday. Despite the temperature hitting a high of 36 degrees on the day, carers braved the heat and made their way to the Marion Outdoor Swimming Pool to seek relief in the cool waters of the pools or to relax in the shade of the surrounding trees.

Each year, Carer Support gives carers and their families the opportunity to spend a day at the Marion Outdoor Pool and enjoy a fully catered BBQ lunch. It’s a perfect opportunity for carers to do something fun with their family and to connect with other carers.

With shallow, medium and large swimming pools, plus two water slides, there was something to please people of all ages and the delicious food, provided by Texas Bull Machine, made lunch hassle-free and healthy. And to top it all off, all the kids were treated to a free ice cream of their choice from the kiosk!

We asked a few carers what they really appreciated about the Annual Family Picnic and Pool Day and this is what they told us:

“It exposes my son to a new experience and provides us with an opportunity for an easy day out with the kids. It also gets us out and about.” – Juliette

“Gives you a bit of sanity by getting you out from within the four walls of your own home.” – Dave

“It’s somewhere safe to take the kids where there’s lunch provided, easy parking, convenient amenities and something to keep kids of all ages entertained.” – Sophie

Thank you to all the carers who attended this event with their families and made it a fun day out!

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Volunteers’ Christmas Celebration 2017

The annual volunteers’ Christmas outing is the ideal opportunity to recognise and reward the ongoing efforts and contributions of Carer Support’s wonderful volunteers. This year, our volunteers decided to celebrate by going on a tour of the Adelaide Desalination plant in Lonsdale and enjoying a delicious lunch at the Cove Tavern in Hallet Cove on December 4.

The day of the outing dawned sunny and clear – the perfect way for any celebration to begin! A bus was arranged to collect the volunteers and staff from each of our carer centres at Campbelltown, Glandore and Morphett Vale and take everyone to the desalination plant.

One of the most valuable things about the volunteer outings is that they provide an opportunity to not only have fun, but to learn some interesting things about our city. This tour was no exception! The tour of the Adelaide Desalination plant kicked off with a welcome cuppa and a multimedia presentation before progressing to a bus tour of the plant and facilities. The group was informed that the Adelaide Desalination plant (formerly known as the Port Stanvac Desalination plant), which is a sea water reverse osmosis desalination plant, has the capacity to provide the city of Adelaide with up to 50% of its drinking water needs and directs its water to the Happy Valley Reservoir.

After the tour some volunteers chose to explore the walking trail at the desalination plant and at 12:30pm everyone boarded the bus again to head to the Cove Tavern at Hallett Cove for a tasty and enjoyable lunch. After lunch, Margaret and Walter each made speeches to express just how much we appreciate and value the work of our volunteers, after which each volunteer was presented with a “thank you” gift.

Again, thank you to all our volunteers – you make a BIG difference at Carer Support!

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The impact of caring – social isolation

Peter Sparrow CEOI recently spoke at an SA service provider forum, the theme of which was “No-one should have no-one.” In response to the theme of the forum, I spoke about ‘The impact of caring – social isolation’. The following is a brief outline of my talk, which I hope will give individuals, families and providers some insights about carers and the impact caring has on them.

Carers are individuals. Every carer undertakes their caring role in circumstances unique to them. The way they manage will depend on their life experience, skills, knowledge, age, gender, relationship with the person they care for and the level of support available to them. There is an enormous range of opinions held by carers about the role. Carers have said to us that they often gain a lot from the caring experience. They learn about the person they are caring for, the medical or physical condition, and the treatment options available. In short, they often become experts themselves on the condition or disability of the person they care for. This can help them be powerful advocates.

Some carers say they feel privileged to support a person who may have given them a lot of support before their roles were reversed, for example, a son or daughter caring for a parent or a husband caring for his wife. But there are also a lot of challenges that carers can face. One of these is isolation. The demands of the caring role can prevent normal participation in family and community activities and employment.

Another challenge is invisibility. The focus of attention on the person with the illness or disability can lead to the carer feeling invisible, with their own needs secondary to those of the person they care for. There can also be loss of confidence and self esteem. Many carers become increasingly isolated from community, family and friends.

Low levels of health and wellbeing are also common among carers. Studies show that carers have lower levels of health and wellbeing than their counterparts who are not carers. The ever present struggle to secure adequate, reliable and ongoing support for their loved one is a burden and a significant cause of fatigue and burn out.

Most carers did not freely choose to become a carer and the role is frequently accompanied by a strong sense of grief and loss. They had plans for their life or for the life of the person they are now caring for. How can they avoid the grief they feel due to the loss of their husband or wife to dementia and the retirement they had planned, or the impact the disability has had on their child and the family? They may be grieving the loss of their career, or of friends and family, or of their financial security.

Recognising the carer as an individual outside of their caring role is critical. They are not just an extra ‘in-home support’ to the person receiving care. They are not invisible. They have a right to a life outside of their caring role. Not all carers want this or will accept that they need this. However, we all have choice even if we take it for granted. Carers should have the same opportunities for choice as all of us. Carers are people with hopes, dreams and goals. Isolation is a reality for many carers but there are things we can do to walk alongside them and make their caring journey more inclusive, less stressful and, most certainly, less isolated. We can link carers with dedicated carer services who are best placed to offer a full suite of dedicated carer support options and the flexibility to deliver them. We can work with them to ensure the resources and  support for the person they care for are available today and tomorrow, and that carers can plan for the future with some degree of certainty.

I hope this overview gives everyone a little food for thought. This is not to say that all carers feel the same or want or need the same level of support. It is simply highlighting that there is an impact on carers that must be recognised.

Peter Sparrow
Chief Executive Officer

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“Caring in the Aboriginal Community” Awareness Training Package

We are excited to share the details of the “Caring in the Aboriginal Community” learning package which was developed by the Aboriginal Support team (Daphne Rickett, Wendy Casey and Claudine Buckskin (past employee)) under the guidance of Regional Manager Margaret Potts and Executive Manager Mandy Toczek McPeake with the expert help of Colourblind Films.

This project was funded by a Department for Communities and Social Inclusion (SA) grant. The aim of the project was to develop a training package for use by urban and rural community agencies in training their staff to understand the role of the Aboriginal family member who is an unpaid carer for relatives or friends.

Carers and other members of the Aboriginal community kindly agreed to participate in the filming and development of the package. We are sincerely grateful in particular to the carers who were filmed and for their openness and willingness to share their experiences, thoughts and ideas, which can be difficult to express, and at times a challenge to accept for those without Aboriginal heritage.

The project has provided the Carer Support Aboriginal Support team an opportunity to develop something which fills a gap in people’s knowledge and understanding. During the development of the package we (Carer Support staff) learned so much about the Aboriginal experience, as well as their needs and expectations.

The team was thrilled to present the package at the 7th International Carers Conference which was held in Adelaide in October.

You can view the package on our website and on the website.

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NEWS RELEASE: State Government extends vital funding for carers

Just recently, the State Government announced that vital funding has been extended until June 2020 to ensure that services which support carers continue as the roll outs of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and Commonwealth aged care reforms take place.

“Communities and Social Inclusion Minister Zoe Bettison says South Australian carers will not be left behind as the Commonwealth moves disability and aged care funding to individualised care packages.”

The continued funding will provide $6.2 million to the Carer Support Network SA over a period of two years so that respite care, support and advocacy can be delivered to South Australia’s ~245,000 unpaid carers. It’s estimated that these carers provide support which is worth more than $5 billion.

“Carer Support is delighted with and applauds the State Government’s decision to extend this crucial funding. This is an important decision to be made at a time when recognition of and support for carers is being challenged nationally. It will provide stability to the many thousands of carers currently being supported across the state and also to those members of the Carer Support Network who are funded to provide dedicated specialist carer services. Additionally, it comes at a time when there is a level of uncertainty about the future directions in how carers are supported into the future, from the Federal Government,” says Peter Sparrow, Carer Support CEO.

Read full news release.

Photo caption: Meeting of the members of the Carer Support Network SA and Minister Bettison following the recent announcement by the Minister of the extension to current funding for carer services (in SA) to June 2020.

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