Your energy, your experience, and your skillset could be invaluable to us and to the carers we support.

Our volunteers help to maintain our high level of service to carers by supporting the work of staff. Their contribution of time and dedication is vital to our success and we do our very best to ensure that volunteering with us is a rewarding experience.

Volunteers have the opportunity to:

  • Be part of a team
  • Learn new skills
  • Build confidence
  • Have fun
  • Gain valuable work experience and a potential pathway to employment
  • Contribute in a meaningful way to the lives of carers, and
  • Help to build a strong and caring community.

Volunteer roles can include:

  • Telephone support for carers
  • Administration or clerical support
  • Mentoring for young carers
  • Assisting with peer group outings at activities and events
  • Helping staff at support groups to welcome group members, assist with catering and chat with carers.

We provide the appropriate training and support to new volunteers, while providing ongoing training and support to experienced volunteers.

How do I become a volunteer?

Please contact our Volunteer Manager on (08) 8379 5777.