Having a break

It’s important for you to recharge your batteries so you can keep caring for longer.

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If you need a short time to work, study, run errands or take time out, we can arrange for someone to take over caring at your home.

We can even organise someone to take the person you care for to appointments; and emergency back-up is only a phone call away 24 hours a day.

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Short Term Cover

We can provide cover in your home short term when you need someone to stand-in for you.

Sometimes you need cover so you can take a short trip that takes you away from your caring role. Or you might be waiting for services to start with a new agency who’ll be providing ongoing support in the future. 

Occasional Cover

If you’re going out socially, coming to one of our events, have a medical appointment or family engagement you need to know someone will take over your caring duties.

We can provide a stand-in carer to cover for you on these occasions.

If you usually drive the person you care for to appointment, and can’t do that on a particular occasion, we’ll try to arrange help with that, too.

You can use this type of support to attend Carer Support events or groups.

Call us to ask about short term and occasional carer cover on 8433 9555.

Emergency help

If you’re ill or there’s a family crisis, we can provide in home assistance to cover the short-term need. We can also provide support if your family needs time to make alternative arrangements while you sort out longer term care.

Emergency support is available 24 hours a day by calling 1800 052 222.

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Events are a great circuit breaker

We put on a range of events so you can enjoy time out with other carers. Having a social outlet can help you cope and keep caring for longer.

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