Looking after yourself

Expert workshops offer help on learning to cope, planning your own life and taking care of your own physical and mental health. Looking after your own well-being is important, too. 

Someone to talk to

If you need to talk or get things off your chest, our team are here to listen if you need to talk face-to-face or on the phone.

Carers tell us this is the most useful and appreciate service of all. Someone to talk to. Someone who understands. Someone who knows where you can turn to for help and support.

Need to talk? Call us now on 1800 052 222. Someone will answer this number 24 hours a day.

Or drop in to our centres, there’s someone free to talk to you Monday to Friday between 9 and 5.

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Talking helps

Bottling things up can have lasting effects on your mood and behaviour. Long seated issues can be the root cause of all kinds of worries.

Speaking aloud about your thoughts, worries and emotions can help you let go of any negative feelings you’ve been holding on to.  But that’s not always easy with family or friends.

Talking to someone who doesn’t know you, and who won’t judge, can give you the freedom to bring up feelings you’re not comfortable sharing with anyone close to you.

Qualified counsellors offer free one-on-one sessions to carers or other family members.

They are available at each of our three centres.

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Art Therapy

Expressing yourself by getting creative can help you resolve issues, manage your feelings, reduce stress, and improve your self-esteem.

Art therapy provides a way to explore your thoughts and feelings by making any kind of art. Anyone can do it - no creative skills are required.

Art therapist, Emma Hughes, is offering free group art therapy sessions at our Carer Support Morphett Vale Centre. She will guide you gently through the art making process, helping you to express yourself in a safe and non-judgemental setting. You may also find that you gain understanding or learn something new.

Art Therapy is free and held at our Morphett Vale Centre.

Call 8329 5888 to find out about the next session.


Yoga can help to improve circulation, strength, posture and flexibility. Most importantly, though, yoga gives you the chance to relax, slow your breathing and focus on the present.

We offer free weekly yoga classes for carers every Monday from 11.30am – 12.30pm at our Glandore Centre.

Beginners are welcome as our classes are adapted to suit any level. There is no commitment to come to every class. Come along when you can, and let us know if we can look into arranging cover for your caring role to help you attend.

It’s both light exercise and ‘me’ time.

Call 8433 9555 to find out about the next session.


If you’ve ever experienced a relaxing massage, you’ll know how good it makes you feel.

It’s calming because massage prompts your body to release endorphins – the brain chemicals (neurotransmitters) that produce feelings of wellbeing. It also reduces tension by decreasing stress-inducing hormones such as adrenalin, cortisol and norepinephrine.

Massage is a wonderful way to take some much-needed time out

We're offering free remedial massage at our Campbelltown Centre..

Call 8206 0777 to make an appointment.


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