Mixing with other carers

Activities, outings and overnight breaks are great circuit breakers and give you the chance to mix with people in a similar situation to make new friends who understand.

It's good to talk

Sometimes it helps to talk about carer experiences; other times, just enjoying the company of others without having to explain yourself is comfort enough. Either way, we hope that one of the groups we organise here at Carer Support will meet your needs.

We have over 25 groups that cater to carers who share similar experiences, geographical locations and/or cultural backgrounds. Some meet for a serious debrief, while others meet for coffee, lunch or fun!

Unless the group caters to carers with a particular shared circumstance, you are very welcome to attend any group activity. We welcome new carers with open arms!

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Facebook Carer Forum

We’ve created a place where you can chat online about what it’s like to be a carer.

How to join the conversation

It’s a closed Facebook group for carers.  You can ask to join when you visit our Facebook page.

Most people chat about caring, make friends and just enjoy time out online.

All of our members respect the privacy of everyone else in the group. In effect, this means that what is said in the group stays in the group.

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