'Be a Pair to Show You Care' with a 3-legged challenge this March

Carer Support launches a fun challenge to raise funds to give thousands of South Australia's unpaid carers a break.

Adventurous South Australians are being urged to have some fun and sign up for the first ‘3-legged challenge’ to raise funds to provide a break for the many thousands of carers across SA.

The ‘3-legged challenge’ concept is simple. People of all ages are being encouraged to choose a mate and then tackle a challenge – or a number of challenges – tied together! Whether it’s heading out to do the shopping, or attempting to tackle a run along the Torrens, being tied to someone requires plenty of teamwork, patience and consideration and the hope is that it will give people a glimpse into the commitment and loyalty required by an unpaid carer.

“We’re inviting people to ‘Be a Pair to Show You Care’ and have some fun while they’re raising some much needed funds,” says Carer Support’s Fundraising Manager, Dave Simms.

“We want people to pick a mate, choose a challenge and then ask their friends to sponsor them to complete it,” says Dave. “And of course, we’re asking them to share photos of them having fun along the way. Every $250 we can raise will fund a weekend camp away for a young carer.”

18 year old James la Vanda is a young carer, looking after his Mum who has Multiple sclerosis. James says he gets great value from the extra assistance he receives from Carer Support, particularly getting to meet other young carers.

“While my friends are aware of my caring responsibilities, it’s great to be around other young carers who are in the same situation. They get it.”

Dave Simms says the ‘3-legged challenge’ teams can pick any sort of challenge they like, just as long as they commit to it in public and convince their friends and families to sponsor them to see it through.

“It’s the ultimate team work and so is taking on a caring role."

“We think people will be really creative with this and we’re really looking forward to them embracing this fun challenge and raising much needed funds for the thousands of unpaid carers who aren’t often used to asking for help. They just selflessly get on with what needs to be done,” he says.

“We want carers to know that we acknowledge what they do, we understand how the commitment can affect their lives and that it’s okay to take a break! So we’re launching this new campaign to fund a well-deserved weekend away for as many carers as we can.”

The ‘3-legged challenge’ will run throughout the weekend of 22-24 March.

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