Carer Support partners with SANE Australia to offer SANE Forums

Australians with lived experience of mental health difficulties, or caring for someone who does, can now connect and share experiences in a safe online community.

In partnership with SANE Australia, Carer Support now offers SANE Forums. The Forums provide a peer-to-peer service. It’s a space where carers and people living with mental health difficulties can link up and share stories, tips and offer support.

The Forums are anonymous and moderated 24/7 to ensure they remain safe and welcoming for all members of the community. The online forums are not intended to be a crisis or counselling service, however if such cases arise, moderators will direct you to emergency services.

"The online forums provide a safe and supportive community for those who may feel socially isolated, or for those who find it difficult to attend peer support groups," says Carer Support CEO, Peter Sparrow. 

Members are welcome to discuss a variety of topics ranging from diagnoses through to impact of mental illness on children and posts asking contributors to suggest what they are grateful for.

"This kind of online forum provides a sense of empowerment to its contributors, as well as providing a way for Carer Support to make peer support more accessible to a greater number of people," advises Peter. "And if it means that we can help more Australians in the long run, that's a great outcome."

The compassionate and positive nature of the Forums provides many benefits, including normalising help-seeking behaviours, feeling less alone, and support. For those already seeking professional help, the Forums can provide a supplementary place of ongoing peer support and reassurance.

The SANE Forums service is supported by the Australian Government, Department of Health. Individuals can access and sign up for the Forums here.

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