June 10, 2020

Letter from our CEO

To our valued Carers and Care Recipients,

As you would know from previous communications, the model for providing support to Carers in Australia is changing. We are excited to provide you more details about the changes and what this means for you in the coming months.

What is changing?

All existing supports and services offered by Carer Support (and other carer agencies across Australia) will be transitioned to the Integrated Carer Support Service Model (ICSS) which will be fully responsible for all registered carers from June 2020. The provider services to South Australian Carers under the ICSS is Carers SA Australia.

You will most commonly hear the ICSS referred to as the Carer Gateway.

What does that mean for me now?

Carer Support services ceased as of 1st June 2020 (with the only exception being our Commonwealth Home Support Program and Home and Community Care Program for our seniors which will continue for the duration of our remaining grant funding).

What happens after 1st June 2020?

Any carer who wishes to receive a service under the new model must register with the Carer Gateway and undertake an assessment with a staff member from ICSS known as CarerStarTM, this will provide a wholistic approach to supporting Carers based on individual needs.

When should I register?

You can register any time by phoning the Carer Gateway. The friendly, qualified team will be able to complete the CarerStarTM assessment and registration under the new model of services.

There is no deadline for when you must register. This can be completed anytime by phoning Monday- Friday (8am-6pm local time).

What services and programs can I access?

This will depend on what the CarerStarTM assessment recommends based on your individual needs.

The services and programs under the Carer Gateway will be different from supports and services at Carer Support.

What if I need emergency respite?

From the 1st of June you will need to phone the Carer Gateway to undertake the CarerStarTM assessment and develop an Emergency Care Plan. It is recommended that you take the time to develop the Emergency Care Plan at a time when you are not in crisis. You can do so by downloading the template from the Carer Gateway website.

I have questions about the Carer Gateway and services – who do I contact?

Have a look at the website and familiarise yourself with the supports and services available.

You may wish to attend one of the community forums and further information will be circulated as it becomes available.

Alternatively, you can phone the team on 1800 422 737, Monday to Friday (8am-6pm local time).

Carer Support will continue to advocate for Carers and seek recognition of their valuable role in the community. Please stay in touch.

Yours sincerely,
Amy Liaw
Chief Executive Officer