Seniors Support

As you get older, ill health and physical limitations can make it harder to stay living happily and safely in your own home.

If you’re over 65,we care about your independence.

We can make life easier by arranging some assistance with daily tasks and organising day trips so you can still enjoy getting out and about.

*If you have an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background we can help you once you’re 50.

Staying independent at home Support for your carer Social outings

How do I get support?

If you live in south or east Adelaide, are over 65*, you have ill health or physical limitations, AND you do not live in a nursing home, you may be able qualify for this help.

My Aged Care

How much will it cost?

Most of these services only cost you $11/hour
Transport or taxi vouchers only cost you $3/trip

Support for your carer is no cost or low cost.

You’ll need to have a face-to-face assessment of your care needs by My Aged Care to qualify for these subsidised prices.

My Aged Care

Seniors rights and responsibilities

You have a right to be looked after properly, treated well and given high-quality care and services.

To make sure you get the best care, all service providers have responsibilities and must meet certain standards.

The Charter of Care Recipients’ Rights and Responsibilities for Home Care acknowledges your rights and those of your family and carers, as well as your responsibilities.

According to the Charter, services should be delivered in a respectful manner.

The Charter also says carers should be recognised as partners in care, and be able to participate in decision making in care situations when the care recipient is unable to do so.

Download the Charter of Care Recipients’ Rights and Responsibilities for Home Care