Supporting us

One in six South Australians are regularly caring for family or friends.

Help us to help them

Across South Australia there are nearly a quarter of a million compassionate individuals who look after loved ones who have a disability, a serious physical or mental illness or are becoming frail as they get older.

They can be partners, parents, children, friends, neighbours or colleagues who provide assistance with personal care, getting around, managing medication, shopping, doing housework or simply being a friend to rely on.

Whether it’s a few hours a week or round-the-clock, they give their time freely to help loved ones get the most out of their life, simply because they care. 

Carer Support is here to listen, offer practical help, give them a break and look after their own physical and mental health so they can keep caring for longer.

Carer Support's services are free or low cost. By volunteering your time to help or by making a donation we can do even more to support the one in six South Australians who are looking after a loved one every day.

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