3 legged challenge

Get sponsored to take on a challenge with your leg tied to a friend and give SA's carers a much-needed break.

Coming in March 22-24 2019

Take part in SA's newest fundraising event and you'll not only have a laugh, you'll also get a glimpse of the commitment, thoughtfulness and patience carers need.

  1. Find a friend and hit them up to join you
  2. Sign up for your free kit - registrations open November 1st.
    We'll send you a special leg tie* and two T-shirts
  3. Choose a challenge – one of your own or pick one of ours
    If you're very brave – aim to complete the mega challenge – five full-on dares
  4. Share your fundraising page online so friends can sponsor you.
    Every $250 you raise gives a young carer a break
  5. On the weekend put on your T-shirts, tie yourselves together* and start sharing photos of your challenge (so we can laugh along with you!)

*If tying legs doesn't work for you – feel free to tie yourselves together in a different way!

It's all to give young carers the break they need.

Every day, one in six South Australians are looking after loved ones who have a disability, a serious physical or mental illness, or are becoming frail as they get older. And there are two young carers in every classroom.

Dedicating enough time and energy can take an exhausting toll on a carer's own life.

Each and every $250 you raise will give a carer a break so they can keep caring for longer.

Carer Breaks will be provided by these experienced, registered charities: Carer Support, Carers SA, Carer and Disability Link, Northern Carers Network.


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