The incredible reality for young carers - ABC

16 year old Jye Cabrera and 19 year old Sarah Yolcu tell their stories on ABC's 7:30 Report

I miss more than I should and teachers ask why I haven't been coming to classes. But some of my teachers don't understand it.

272,000 young Australians under the age of 25 are juggling responsibilities that can disrupt their schooling and future education, which in turn, affects their opportunities to advance their careers and puts them at serious risk of long-term disadvantage.

Year 11 student Jye Cabrera is 16 years old and one of the young carers who features on ABC's 7:30 programme. Jye tells his story of caring for his mother and the significant responsibilities that he takes on in the home, which in turn impact on his ability to attend school consistently. Instead of being supported at school, Jye often faces a lack of understanding from his teachers who are unaware of the toll that caring can take on a young carer, especially one who is at a critical point in their education.

You can learn more about 16 year old Jye's and 19 year old Sarah Yolcu's incredible caring stories at the link below. 

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