New safeguards to ensure NDIS providers meet high standards

A new auditing system aims to make sure registered NDIS providers are giving participants high quality supports and safe environments. 

From now on, NDIS providers must pass an approval process to register as an accredited provider or be re-certified every three years to keep their registered status.

According to Carer Support’s NDIS Your Way manager, Kristi Faber, these new safeguards are designed to give NDIS participants, their families and carers, peace of mind when they choose registered providers. 

“Many families ask us about whether it really matters if a provider in your plan is registered with the NDIS or not,” says Kristi.

“This new NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Framework sets high quality standards which providers must meet to get official accreditation from the NDIS.”

“This means peace of mind for you when you choose a registered provider,” she explains. “The choice of providers will still be up to you, but selecting a registered provider means you can be confident that they’ve passed this new accreditation and their services are high quality.”

The new approval process involves a complete audit of each provider’s processes, policies, staff performance, services provision and ability to resolve issues quickly. 

Carer Support’s NDIS Your Way is already a registered provider, and our team is fully committed to maintaining the highest standard of service. 

“It’s crucial we keep our registered status so you can feel 100% confident that we care about you,” says Kristi Faber. 

“We have already begun the approval process which takes several months to complete because it’s so comprehensive. These new quality standards will ensure that you’re guaranteed to receive safe and high quality services from registered providers.”

If you’d like to learn more about the new NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Framework, we’ll be running free information sessions in late February and early March, please call 8433 9555 if you’d like to attend.