Caring for you...

Our values define who we are. They are the fundamental and shared beliefs that will enable us to achieve our mission and vision.

Support Carers - Carers of all ages are recognised, respected and valued as individuals with their own needs.

Individuality - Everyone has the right to express themselves and be included in their service planning and evaluation.

Empathy - Our services are inclusive and people are treated with dignity.

Advocacy and information - Being informed is key to making the right choices. We support access to information and advocate for those in need of our services.

Our Culture

Our team follow guiding principles to help us work together more effectively and get things done!

Customer Service Focus - Makes engaging with Carer and Community SA easy, memorable and beneficial.

Consistency - Team work to ensure anyone engaging with us is supported in a consistent way.

Efficiency - Reduce duplication and get it right the first time, every time.

Agility - Change is inevitable and key to our success, we respond and adapt as we need to.

Responsive - Transparent and timely communication to achieve your goals.

Sustainable - Well designed and updated internal systems and processes with you front of mind so when you contact us, you have the best experience possible.

Accountable - We are accountable for our activities that we provide and seek your feedback so we can keep doing better.

Our History

Carer and Community Support was created 31 years ago by Pat Smytherman. It started off with a few like-minded people, who shared a passion for supporting carers, meeting at Pat’s home. Through Pat’s commitment, the vision grew and evolved into a significant, influential organisation that is recognised nationally as being a leader in delivering quality support to carers and their families. The carer & community support model that Pat developed still guides what we do and how we value, respect and support carers today.

Our People

Carer and Community SA is a small but powerful team, led by our CEO Helen McLean and Board members. Our dedicated service delivery team develop and oversee all our services, and work with key strategic partners to deliver our events and activities.

Board Members

Natasha is the owner and partner of a South Australian law firm and has practised law for almost 20 years with extensive experience in commercial law, commercial litigation, building and construction law , not for profits and employment law. Natasha has a genuine passion for good governance, strategy and innovation and has utilised her extensive legal experience on several boards in differing areas to demonstrate this.

Natasha’s attention to detail and excellent strategic and corporate governance skills have been proven through the Non-Executive Director and Chair roles she has, and does, hold. These skills see her leading the way as a governance champion ensuring organisations that she is involved with are well protected and trained through governance protocols, that their strategic direction and goals are clear and achievable and that stakeholder relationships are continually strengthened.

Natasha is passionate about ensuring that the rights, choices, health and wellbeing of all are positively maintained so as to ensure a better life for everyone. Natasha brings a positive attitude, strong business and commercial acumen and governance leadership.

Mark McShane has worked across the private and government sectors in numerous senior roles including over 20 years in local government most recently as Chief Executive Officer. His experience also includes recruitment and management consulting to these sectors while working overseas and in Australia.

Mark’s experience and capabilities include organisation governance, human resource management, strategy development, and performance measurement and reporting. A broad-based skill set has been further enhanced by Mark’s time as a Chief Executive Officer at the City of Mount Gambier. Since ceasing full time work in 2019 Mark has been engaged in consulting and executive contract work.

Supporting his professional experience Mark has Bachelor Degrees in Education, Business and a Masters in Human Resource Management.

Maggie Dowling

Maggie is an experienced CEO and company director with expertise in the community services sector having been CEO of the Bedford Group from 2018 to 2022 and past director of The Women’s Housing Association. Maggie and her family have provided respite care for 17 years for the family of Gavin who has Down Syndrome. With Gavin being a part of the family, coupled with the close relationship with Gavin’s own family, she continues to have real life experience of caring for a person with a disability.

Coming Soon.

Vicki Jacobs is a psychologist by training and has a Master of Business Management. She commenced her career as a computer systems analyst followed by a research psychologist in SAPOL. Following ten years as a police officer, she moved to the intellectual disability and health sectors, with specialties in women’s health, mental health and Aboriginal health.

Now retired Vicki has several board roles in DV, mental health, human rights and disability.

Vicki has also been a carer for her parents and understands many of the issues confronting carers and hopes to bring the knowledge and experience to the Board role.