Carers Charter

Carer Support believes that carers have rights and choices.

The principles of the SA Carers Charter

South Australian law recognises that carers have the right to be involved in decisions that affect them in their caring role. This includes Government services and any community service funded by the Government.

The South Australian Carers Recognition Act includes The Carers Charter and these key principles:

  • Carers have choices within their caring role
  • Carers’ health and well-being are critical to the community
  • Carers play a critical role in maintaining the fabric of society
  • Service providers work in partnership with carers
  • Carers in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities need specific consideration
  • All children and young people have the right to enjoy life and reach their potential
  • Resources are available to provide timely, appropriate and adequate assistance to Carers

Read more about the Carers Recognition Act

Carer Support believes in these carers’ rights:

  • Carers of all ages have a right to recognition as partners in their relationship with Carer Support, and are valued as individuals with their own needs.
  • Carers’ views are respected and form part of the decision-making process with regard to their own and their care recipients needs and services.
  • They have a right to express their opinions with regard to service planning and evaluation.
  • They have a right to affordable and accessible services and can register themselves at Carer Support without the need for a referral from a medical or other specialist.
  • Carers also have a right to access appropriate advocacy to assist them in negotiating services with Carer Support.

In return, Carer Support expects carers to take these responsibilities:

  • To respect the views of staff as they relate to each carer’s situation.
  • To work with staff as partners, collaborating to achieve the agreed service outcomes.
  • To clearly explain their needs.
  • To provide feedback to staff in a constructive way that helps mutual understanding.
  • To respect other carers’ right to privacy.

How does this work?

  • Carer Support will ask for your views when we’re planning, delivering and reviewing our services to you and your family.
  • We will provide information about, and access to, a wide range of responsive affordable services.
  • Our team will always take into consideration any particular requirements of carers to ensure we deliver appropriate services to your family whatever your gender, age, sex, ethnicity, cultural heritage, sexual orientation, or social status.
  • Carer Support respects each carer’s right to privacy and confidentiality.
  • We will waive service fees if charging a fee would prevent you from accessing that service.
  • We will explain our complaints process to you, and provide you with information on advocacy and mediation services.


We’d love to hear what we’re doing right. Knowing what supports have been valuable to you helps us to shape our considerations going forward.

Contact us with your feedback


Carer Support strives to be a carer-driven organisation providing exemplary service. If, however, you experience dissatisfaction with our practices, services or staff, you are welcome to make your complaint in the following ways:

  • Phone 8433 9555, our receptionist will direct your call to the relevant staff member.
  • If you are dissatisfied with this outcome, ask to speak with the relevant line manager.
  • If your concern remains unresolved you can phone, mail or email your concerns to the Chief Executive Officer of Carer Support to request a meeting or phone conversation. Ask for his contact details when you call.
  • If your concern remains unresolved after this, you can contact the Chair of the Board of Directors or an independent organisation for complaints resolution. Ask for their details when you call.

All complaints will be treated confidentially and you are free to raise any concerns without fear of retribution.

Written complaints can be addressed to:

The Chief Executive Officer
Carer Support
770 South Road
Glandore SA 5037

Other ways to lodge a complaint

Aged Care Complaints Resolution Scheme
Ph: 1800 550 552 or click here to complain online

Aged Rights Advocacy Service Inc
Ph: 8232 5377

Disability Advocacy & Complaints Services of SA Inc
Ph: 8297 3500

National Disability Services Abuse Neglect Hotline
Ph: 1800 880 052

Health & Community Services Complaints Commissioner
Ph: 8226 8666 or 1800 232 007

State Ombudsman’s Office
Ph: 8226 8699