Short breaks for your carer

If you have a carer we can arrange someone to take you for an outing or stay with you at home while your regular carer takes a short break.

Support for you if you have a carer

This respite is flexible, and involves a paid support worker coming to your home to pick you up or to help with a range of tasks, such as preparing meals or giving your medication, so that your carer can go out for an hour or two.

It's especially helpful if your carer needs to run their own errands, attend appointments or wants a little time out each week to recharge their batteries.

The service will cost only $11 per hour.

You'll need to have an assessment of your care needs to qualify.

Call  My Aged Care on 1800 200 422.

Tell the operator you need a referral code for "Flexible Respite". They may arrange a face-to-face assessment, which is standard practice.

Call us on 8206 0777 to ask about this flexible resipte for your carer.

Other support for your carer

We can offer your carer practical help to guide them through the maze of services and support available.

We can put them in touch with people in a similar situation and help them take care of themselves so they can keep caring for longer.

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