Are you a Young Carer aged 5 to 25? Take the Quiz…

(Yes/no answers for the first question and tick boxes for each of the lettered question for 2 and 3)

  1. Do you live with someone who has a physical or mental illness, physical disability or acquired brain injury, is frail or suffers from the effects of drugs and alcohol?
  2. Do you help that person with any of the following:
    1. Cooking, cleaning or any other day to day tasks?
    2. Assist with de-escalating or emotional regulation?
    3. Keeping a watchful eye?
    4. Help with financial matters? (eg. Banking, paying bills, working to bring money in, etc.)
    5. Interpret or sign to help communicate?
    6. Personal Care
  3. As a result, do you feel any of the following:
    1. Tired, unable to sleep or unable to stay awake?
    2. Hypervigilant, anxious or depressed?
    3. Disconnected from friends because they don’t understand?
    4. Worried about work or school?

If you have answered yes to these three questions, then you are a Young Carer, and we can help you.

Young Carers do not always feel like Carers. They just do these things because they care. It is important for people around our Young Carers to realize the extra pressures that they are potentially under. It can be far more than most other kids, teens or young adults their age, potentially leading to increased rates of poor mental health, isolation and disengagement.

Our Young Carer Team are here to support, advocate, encourage and connect Young Carers in the Eastern and Southern regions of Adelaide.

Our young Carer Team work with Young Carers to deliver programs to help:

  • Boost confidence and self esteem
  • Find connection and support from other Young Carers
  • Work 1:1 to achieve goals
  • Advocate for recognition and understanding in education and workplace settings
  • Increase support networks and connection to the community
  • Provide breaks in the form of programs, events and camps
  • Provide information to other supports and services

Contact our Young Carer Team for more information or to register with us.

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